Illumination of automatic gear shift position

The lighting on my gear shift positions is out, which causes problems driving at night–I can’t tell if car is in R, N, D, 3 etc.

I can’t find a fuse that corresponds to this.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It sounds like a problem that would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix (tearing apart the dashboard to replace the instrument cluster) yet is not too much of a problem. Just count off: P, R, N, D. Leave it in D unless you are descending a long mountain pass.

All my Hondas eventually lost some of the dashboard lights. Sometimes they came back on their own. It was annoying but not a real problem for me.

One could hope it is a bad bulb or connection. Start simple.

More than likely a bulb is burnt out. This circuit is generally tied into the dash lighting circuit. Take the console apart.

If the shift indicator is in the console, this isn’t difficult job. I have replaced two or three shift indicator bulbs in the console of my 1978 Olds over the last 32 years. It is only a 1 beer job.

Leave it to BMW to complicate these things. Many models from the 80’s and 90’s had what was essentialy a "tape’ or film that had images on it and as you moved the shifter you unrolled the tape and the proper image was backlit by a bulb.GM was easy at times, just a cable pulling a pointer across a image of possible gear ranges. On your Volvo look for a fuse labled “odometer”. I don’t know for sure but perhaps this got lumped together with other lighting.

By memory and feel…
you CAN tell if it’s in P R N D etc.

Shifted my Dodge van with a coat hanger !