Gazing at this total(ed) Eclipse


…won’t ruin your eyes.



Yeah I can do that, looser

OOPS, my bad wrong eclipse


Looser than what?


Silent O? I guess hearing it on the air so often thought there was an executive order to insert an exrta o.


Must have crashed in the rain, the windshield wipers are half up.


The MSM goes berserk again.


That Eclipse looks exactly like the one my moronic ex-son in law drove into 3 feet of running water; followed immediately by going nose first into the ditch.


The link goes to, not MSM, and I don’t see how Methylsulfonylmethane relates to this conversation.


This isn’t a conversation. It’s an opportunity to make clever quips that imply far more than they say.

When will I wake up from this bad dream?