First car

I might get a 200-2004 Mitsubishi eclipse and I was wondering is it normal for a guy to drive it. Also how good it is driving and in snow.

A 200 Mitsubishi Eclipse is really old.

A guy can drive anything but I do see a lot of women driving the Eclipse. Same goes for the Mazda Miata.

Ask your friends if the Eclipse is a “guy car” or a “girl car” we don’t much care on this site. We just care if the car will get us where we want to go, not about whether peer review of our manhood (or womanhood).

Yes, the Eclipse is OK in the snow IF it is fitted with tires that are good in the snow. That means M&S rated tires that have good consumer ratings for snow traction (see or 4 real snow tires. See tirerack for those, too.

You may have problems getting service and parts. Mitsubishi left the market for quire a while after they split with Chrysler.

I see the odd Eclipse here, but they ae mainly driven by gearheads who will be able to find service somehow.

Personally I would stay away from this car model and age.

If I wanted an older coupe, I’d look at the Civic or (preferably) the Accord.

A male neighbor owned an Eclipse convertible and liked it a lot. But so did his wife and two daughters!

If anyone questions your manhood, just laugh at them. They are either joking or confused about what manhood really is.

“If anyone questions your manhood, just laugh at them. They are either joking or confused about what manhood really is.”

Those who question the “manhood” of others–based on what somebody drives or wears–are actually people who are very insecure about their own sexual identity.

While I would not want a Mitsubishi of any sort, if that marque meets the OP’s wants and needs, I believe that he should drive whatever type of vehicle he wants to drive, and that he should ignore the taunts of the insecure people who criticize his choice of vehicle.

My daughter has owned 3 Mitsubishis; a Galant and 2 Eclipses. The Galant had some issues but the Eclipses were pretty decent cars.

The first one was a '91 model (the second a 2004) and I consider it superior to the later models even if it wasn’t as high tech or as powerful. It was dependable, drove well, and would easily tick off 35 MPG with the A/C on at a 70 MPH cruise.
The main thing with Eclipses is finding one that hasn’t been flogged into the pavement by a lead-footed driver be they male or female.

As long as the car is in good shape and you like it; that’s all that matters. Any whiners should be told to head to the car lot and buy their very own Machomobile.

OP, I think if you have to ask this question, that car isn’t for you. Choose a make/model where this question doesn’t even pop into your mind. There’s plenty of well-designed cars to choose from these days.

Buy whatever you like and don’t worry about what others think. That said, if you’re going to hate the car every day and not feel comfortable driving it, get something else. You’re the one that will have to live with it and have it wreck your mood daily for perhaps years if it doesn’t suit you. And a 2004 is probably starting to reach the point where it will nickel and dime you to death.

I don’t think parts availability is going to be a problem for awhile. The car’s only 11 years old, and they sold a fair number of them.

I also think calling a car a “girl’s car” is silly. There have only been a few “girl’s cars” ever made, such as the Dodge La Femme. I’ve seen a lot of sport-compacts (which, btw, this generation of Eclipse doesn’t really qualify as) cars called girl cars, from the Miata to the CRX, and it’s always ridiculous.

If you like the car and can afford it, then get it. The fact that a woman might also own the car should not be cause for concern, and if it is, then one should be aware that the “misogyny” label might accurately be applied to him.

I think you should buy the Eclpse. If it’s a girly-car, that means the ladies are attracted to it. When they get close, they will see you behind the wheel. It’s a chick magnet! Buy it and enjoy the new opportunities to meet women!

Don’t buy the Eclipse!! That’s the kind of car that turned Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner. There’s something in those chick cars that turns men into unmen.

You’re much better off buying a rugged looking truck or a muscle car with exceptional power or even a car that is so fast that it has no practical use on city streets and highways so all you can do is stand around with a few friends and drink beer while you look at it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Oh yeah, Joe Guy, here’s what a Manly Man needs: