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The Trumpster's new ride

Here it is, in all its glory…albeit before being painted.

Just waiting for the paint, and the TruckNutz.


No gold plating? Sad!


I had no Idea that Cadillac 1 was so YUGE!

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Making Cadillac Great Again.
Not bad. He’s doing alright… good job, super-model wife, cottage in Florida, and now a nice ride that’ll carry golf clubs! Fore!

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…and, the best part is that it is only a part-time gig.

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A billionaire living in public housing previously occupied by an African-American family.
Who would have thought??


"A billionaire living in public housing previously occupied by an African-American family."

It’s mostly location, location, location, but that old white house is kind of a dump by Trump standards. The president’s wife and son visit, but choose not to live there and the president uses it as an office and for meetings, but heads to Florida for week-end golf. Fore!

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Yep, previous tenant was evicted with only $40 million at his disposal. Not a bad gain though in 8 years. Anybody inventory the furniture and silverware though this time?

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I thought it was HUUU - JUH

I can’t stand that guy . . . Fucillo, I believe . . . and his stupid tv commercials, promoting his car sales events :rage:

What is your source for that $40 million. I assume you mean his net worth is $40 million, but it is more like $5 million according to Time Magazine. This is the average of estimated ranges and most of it came from book royalties.

Don’t you read? Organizing for Action has a bankroll of $40 million and 250 offices around the country. They advertise employment as an organizer for $12/hr in Craigslist. Of course the former first lady is the principal in Chicago with the former first man still in DC or on vacation. Some have called it the shadow government. Some ask where the money came from but its pretty obvious. None so blind as those that refuse to see.

According to his complete detailed financial profile published in his book “Crisis in America” in June 2015, that details all of his holdings, assets, and liabilities in great detail, he was at that time worth $8,737,540,000. His assets were at that time $9,240,300,000 and his liabilities $502,760,000. On his financial disclosure forms he lists more than 55 business entities, 91% of which he owns completely.

Jeeze, nobody reads anymore. Even the so-called “journalists” just pass on what they choose to believe.

Hi. Can we bring this one back to cars, please? Thanks.

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ok, back to cars . . .
So, now trump gets the best of cars . . on O.P.M. just like he’s fully used to doing in his businesses ‘‘paying’’ himself with . .Other Peoples’ Money.

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Even Ike got a company car, but really these days you need a fleet of the well armored vehicles. Bullet proof, IED proof and so on. They also gotta carry a full arsenal and EMS equipment. So yeah, big and heavy in this day and age.

Then you gotta ask is it better to have someone come in as a pauper and leave a millionaire or come in as a (b)millionaire and leave as one again?

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Speaking of presidential limousines . . .

Anybody living in the greater Los Angeles area should check out the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. In addition to his Air Force one plane . . . 707, I believe . . . they also have his presidential motorcade on display. The limousine looks downright small and pathetic, by today’s standards. You can enter the plane and the helicopter . . . marine one? . . . but unfortunately you can’t go inside the limousine or the escort vehicles


I’ve been to a number of presidential libraries and the Reagan Library is one of the best and most interesting. Also one of the best was FDR’s in New York where you can see his car that was outfitted with hand controls by a local mechanic. He used to love to just drive it around the grounds. Unfortunately one of the least impressive was JFK’s in Boston. We keep going by Hoover’s on the way to Ohio but never seem to be able to schedule a visit yet. At Ford’s in Grand Rapids I remember seeing the uniform and medals sent back in protest of his pardoning the guys that fled to Canada. Understandable I guess but really necessary to heal old wounds. One thing about him is that he cared more for the country than himself. Oh yeah Lincoln’s was pretty good too.

Have you been aboard the USS Iowa . . . ?

There is a restroom there, which was designed specifically for FDR’s visit

Captain’s quarters, I believe

The $5 million is what Obama is worth.

As for trump. Many financial analysis have weighed in on this. It’s all over the map.

But with the executive I orders and lack not relinquishing control of his assets his fortune is surely to grow when he’s out in 4 years or les