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Gas tank


I have a 2000 lexus rx300. Recently when I have put gas in my car, the pump keeps shutting off even though the tank is not filled up. I have to fill the tank very slowly to keep it from shutting off. It takes forever to fill my 13 gallon tank. Why do you think this is happening? It is so annoying in the winter! Thanks Sara

If someone has been in the habit of ‘topping off’ the tank, the EVAP charcoal canister becomes saturated and will not allow a fast fill up or fill up at all.

Another culprit may be a plugged vent line.

when i had the same problem with a couple of my vehicles i use to turn the gas nozzle, into the neck of the gas tank— upside down. it worked for me??? i changed everything that needed to be done to get it to work. no luck, new charcoal canister, gas tank, ( it was leaking, could not be fixed) the thing that i did not change was the neck to the gas tank. try it it might work???