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Help with this issue please

I cannot fill my gas tank unless I very slowly put gas in. It takes forever to even put in a few gallons. I think the vent is plugged or I overfilled the tank and got gas in the canister. Any info would help

More than likely there’s a restriction in the EVAP/ORVR system.

The system allows refueling of the vehicle while at the same time allowing the fuel tank to vent. If the fuel tank can’t vent, the gas pump keeps shutting off.

Have someone inspect this system to make sure that, I don’t know? spiders didn’t build nests/lay egg sacs in the system?


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Tester is correct above, that’s where to start. Not going to be possible to debug this over the internet, sort of like trying to figure out why your garden watering can is leaking by asking on the internet. Too many possibilities. An experienced shop tech likely won’t have much problem figuring it out though.

When you stick the nozzle into the fill tube, try pulling it back a little, about a half inch should be enough. Then pull the trigger and see if it fills.

You could always move to New Jersey, where we still observe the somewhat quaint custom of having attendants refill our tanks :grin:

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