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Problems filling up

I bought a used 2000 Toyota Solara about a year ago. Over time filling up my gas tank has become a huge ordeal that lasts nearly 20 minutes. THis is because the gas pump constantly shuts off while I am pumping gas. It will literally stop pumping gas every like $.30 what is wrong with my car? I’ve read about the evap system is this what’s wrong with it? Also my uncle is a retired car mechanic who has cleaned out the fuel filter that didn’t seem to fix the problem. As of now my car is hibernating in the garage without a fuel tank or an attached exhaust system. While I have faith in my uncles skills I would appreciate any further information that might diagnose the problem and get my little car back on the road.

It is not your fuel filter. It may be the way you are putting the nozzle in or the force the gas is coming out. The auto shut off happens when pressure builds up from the tank being filled. Have someone else try filling it and if they have no problem it is the way you are doing it. If it still happens try filling up elsewhere. See if there is an obstruction in the the pathway going down to the tank that may be causing a partial block. It does not take a lot.

Two likely problems: Topping off the tank can clog the charcoal filter or the Rollover protection valve in the filler will both cause that kind of problem.

If you have damaged the charcoal filter, it means replacing it. Not too expensive, but more than a tank of gas. The roll over protection valve keeps fuel from coming out in an accident. That may be fixed in a minute or two.

Other possibilities include a kinked hose ect. but your description leads me to pick the charcoal canister as most likely.

If you like me almost always use the same pump, you might try visiting a different station, maybe a different brand.

Good Luck

There is a vent hose that goes from filler neck to canister under hood, it has a check valuve close to filler neck.
Any stoppage in this, clogged,pinched,plugged ect will cause your problem.
$200 or so to replace canister if that is problem