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Gas Tank Spits Up

I got a great deal on a 1995 Ford F150. The rear gas tank will not accept gas at a normal pumping speed. I have to “trickle” it in. What’s going on? Is there a fix without dropping the tank?

Some owners have reported success poking the filler tube all the way down with a stiff wire to clear up a sticking valve.

i think norm suggested a small hard plastic hose. typical hardware store item. there is a small check valve check “ball” in the small vapor relief tube. i don’t know your particular vehicle, but see if you can use something to poke in there. possibly the check ball is stuck shut.

i would NOT use metal. metal equals spark. equals BOOM!

in the off chance the check valve isnt the problem the vapor cannister could be clogged with overfilled gas. i believe once they get over filled they must be replaced.

The the most common problems seem to be:

  1. The driver has been topping off the tank. That plugs the charcoal canister and will cost you a replacement. Usually there is a sticker on the car warning you not to do that.

  2. A valve in the system is stuck closed. That can be freed up by using the stiff wire, or maybe safer a stiff piece of plastic. You can usually see that valve if you look down the filler.

  3. You are using a sensitive pump. Try a different station, preferable a different brand.

If you can easily remove the rubber filler tube, there is a smaller tube inside it. The inner tube is a vent. If it slips down, becomes kinked or becomes plugged, filling will be S-L-O-W.