Fuel filling problem


I have a 2003 ford f150 full-size pickup.removed the fuel tank to replace fuel pump.now I can’t pump gas into it without it spitting back out even at a slow flow rate.can’t figure out why it’s not venting.


Perhaps the vent hose/line is kinked?

Someone here posted an answer about a stopper (or something) in the filler pipe that had to be dislodged, but I can’t remember the post.


There is a check valve (anti-roll-over valve) located in the filler neck, looks like a ball in a cage. I suspect yous is jammed in the closed position. When you dropped the tank, you would have had to disconnect the filler pipe. The valve is right there…


You can put a slender branch, about 1/2 inch thick by three feet long. Stick the branch into the filler pipe hole, down to the tank anti-spill valve. Push on the valve. Try a fill. If there is still a problem, you may have to disconnect the filler pipe from the tank, and check the vent tube and anti-spill valve.