Slow fill Gas tank

I have 2000 toyota camry. Over the last 1-2 years it has become harder to fill the gas tank. If I fill it too fast the gas bubbles up and shuts off the pump, even when the tank is empty. I have to squeeze the pump extremely slow to fill the tank.

There is a vent tube on all gas filler lines. It may be broken or plugged. Not a hard fix. When the gas goes in the air in the tank has to go some where and it flows back against the incoming gas causing it to shut off the gas flow. With a vent the air can escape.

There is also a anti-rollover check valve, a cork or plastic ball that can stick in the “closed” position. Sometimes it can be dislodged by sticking a flexible object (like a stiff plastic or wood switch or rod) down the filler neck. This ball valve also floats up and closes when the tank is filled to the top, preventing overfilling…But it CAN swell up and stick closed.

Thanks for the info. I tried to stick a wooden stick in the filler neck but it felt like I met resistance as it curved. I probably got it in about 12-15 inches. SHould I try something a little more flexible that might go around some bends?

Don’t use sticks, if pieces break off they will decompose in your gas tank and can jam up your fuel system.

A cut & straightened wire coathanger will work better but bend the end your inserting into the tank into a tight bend so no sharp points can damage anything.

If you look under the car where the fuel fill is, you can see where the fill pipe goes into the gas tank. The valve is at the base of the fill tube. You can guessimate the distance from the gas tank to the filler cap. The resistance you felt, may have been the valve. Take your stick with you to the fill station and see how gasoline goes in. If it’s still slow, rod it again. Still a problem? You may have to take it to a mechanic to have the filler tube inspected.

On other factor. Do you top off the tank when you fill it up? If you look in your owner’s manual, you will likely see a warning about topping off the tank. The result of repeatedly doing that is exactly what you describe and as I recall requires the replacement of the charcoal canister to correct it.

Charcoal cannister very expensive.

When filling, with the gas cap removed, the tank is vented out the filler pipe, not the vapor cannister.