Gas Tank Problems

I have a 98 Toyota Camrey. About 2 months ago the problem started - when I put gas in the tank, it immediately starts backing up spilling onto the side of the car. I have to now trickle it in slowly which takes at least 15-20 minutes to fill the tank.

Help !!!

Have you been topping off the tank when you fill it?  Look in the owner's manual or around the filler, you will likely find a warring about that.  It can damage the charcoal filter and can be expensive to repair.  There are other possibilities, most of them with the vapor vent system.  Some people have found that certain stations give them more trouble than others.  You might try switching stations and or brands.  

Good Luck,

Have you been getting a CEL come on?

It will appear if the evap system has been affected.

Your problem is likely a pinched, plugged or disconnected tank vent hose.

There should be a small hose or pipe running along the side of the filler tube to the tank. Use a heavy guaged piece of weed-whacker string and shove it down that tube.

If you look under the rear/side of the vehicle you should see the filler pipe. That will give you an idea of the length of string you’ll need.