Car throw up fuel

When I put gasoline in my toyota camry it throws up all the fuel, Whats wrong. I replaced canister in this car few days ago and after that I am seeing this issue.

Can you be a little more specific than “throws up all the fuel?”

Perhaps the air in the tank has no place to go and prevents the gas from freely rushing into the tank.

Why did you change the canister out? Was the tank not venting? Perhaps the problem was a plugged or crimped vent line rather than a saturated charcoal bed.

By the way, what year is your Camry? How many miles?

I have that problem with one of my cars and rather then spend time and money, if I know it needs 12 gallons, fill it fast until ten gallons, then slow for the last 2. Not a fix but an economical work around. Before I started that practice it seemed to be ok at some stations but not at others. I got tired of the raw fuel smell in the car and just made it sop (standard operating procedure.) You can throw as much money as you want into repairs and parts, but my choice was to change filling habits. 3 years so for and no cel, or other problems.

Car is 99 Camry LE. It has 155K miles. During emission test it failed and check engine light was on. Then toyota dealer told me to replace canister. My fuel is saying 1/8th full and still I cant take fuel. Suppose I put 1 gallon and after 10 seconds I notice all the fuels comes back and spill over.

Are you sure your gas gauge is working right?

Sounds like you need to replace the fuel tank vent tubes.You will need to research your model or call a dealer and see how many tubes the 99 camry has to vent the tank.Some times there is a cluster attached to the filler assemble.

Has someone been in the habit of topping off the tank when they refill?  On many cars that can cause the problem you are observing.  It is also possible that there is an anti-spill device that may be stuck.  You may be able to see it by looking down the filler, it may appear as a ball blocking the fill hose.  You may be able to use something like string trimmer line to push it down a little.

Good Luck