Gas tank problem

my 94 Ford f-250 has a problem with the front gas tank. The pump at the gas station always stops as if it’s full no matter how little gas is in the tank. I can only pump a little at a time before the tank overfills and the pump shuts off.

I dropped the tank to look at it. There are two connections. One appears to be the fuel pump, with wires and two fuel lines attached. The second I think is a float valve that’s supposed to release air pressure when the tank isn’t full.

The second connection also has two hoses attached, but they appear to be air hoses, not metal fuel lines. I assumed this was the problem. I removed the float valve thingy and took it to several auto parts stores, no one has it or can order the stupid thing… I guess they’re not supposed to fail. So I took it apart and cleaned it as best I could, reassembled the whole thing and… no change.

any ideas?