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Gas Siphoning

I went out to the driveway on Saturday to find my gas cap on the rear tire and the filler door wide open (pried open - it was locked). I went over and found a length of hose sticking out. Good thing I never keep any gas in there! Bad thing: they used the wrong size hose. They had to abandon it because it got stuck. It took some work to get it out, but in the process it shaved off a mighty chunk of hose, which now resides in the filler neck. I haven’t run the truck or put any gas in, so it should still be in there. My biggest concern is that the hose lost in there is going to jam something up and I won’t be able to fill it. It is a 94 Toyota pickup, so I doubt that there is anything sophisticated in there to prevent siphoning. What else might it get stuck on? The roll over mechanism? I am I looking at disassembling this thing (looks like a pain) in order to get the debris out? If it flushes into the tank is it fine to just let it ride around in there?


It might get stuck in the that roll over valve. While I doubt if it will become a problem, it might. The only way for sure is to have someone get in there and clean/replace as needed.

Good Luck

If you lift the little flapper door right at the nozzle restrictor with a thin screwdriver, can you see anything in the filler neck where you can reach it?? If not, I would just drive on…Had you pushed open the flapper with a thin tool, you would not have shaved any material off the hose…