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Having problems getting gas into 2008 Hyundai Tucson

Ever since the first time I put gas into this car, I have had to struggle to keep the pump flowing. The nozzle shuts off every few seconds if I try to leave the nozzle on “auto.” It also shuts off if I pump holding the nozzle the entire time unless I pump at about half speed, which is really annoying, wears my hand out, and people tend to look at me as if I were mentally challenged. Happens at all gas stations, and happens to my husband also. So no, it isn’t a female incompetence thing. Also, I’ve been pumping my own gas for 40 years and have never had this problem before. Any ideas, anyone? Otherwise, I love my Tucson.

Well, if you have been having trouble with it since you bought it, I doubt it’d be related to topping off the tank. You’ve probably got a kink in the fuel filler hose inside the vehicle. I know there’s a trick to this, but can’t quite remember it. I know there’s someone on this board who can tell you what it is

Visit your dealer and have it likely addressed under warranty. Make sure the tank is not full when you go there so they can test it out.

Thank you both - the kink sounds highly possible, and I do plan to address it at my first service, but thought I would find out first if anyone else has the same problem. Again, THANKS

Many vehicles have this problem. There is an anti-spill roll-over check valve in the filler neck. They can get stuck out of the correct position (it’s just a cork or plastic ball in a cage) and impede the fueling process. Sometimes, depending on filler neck design, the problem can be corrected by sliding a flexible rod down the fuel filler to dislodge the stuck check ball…Those fiberglass whips used for bicycle flags work pretty good. Better yet, let the dealer fix it.