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Can't siphon gas

Hi, My old 82 chevy G10 van just died…not worth fixing inspecton wise. Sad thing is I just filled it with gas-18 gallons plus and the tranny quit I’d like to siphon it before I call the bone yard because I believe in recycling and I’m broke. Can’t get a hose to go down into the tank,skinny or whatever it seems to only go just about 2 feet and not near the gas. Feels like it’s hitting something. Ideas? Tank mounts really corroded.

It’s hitting the “Anti-spill roll-over valve” but I didn’t think '82 models had them… You can usually work a SMALL (1/4") hose past it.

Failing that, crawl under there and remove the fill-pipe where it enters the tank and stick your siphon hose in there…