Gas pump cut-off

Giant Grocery pumps will only let me put gas in at barely a trickle. Takes forever. I try pushing in as far as the nozzle will go to no avail.

Go somewhere else.

Go somewhere else is a good suggestion.

I would also mention that sometimes pulling the nozzle out just a little bit works better than pushing it in all the way - when I say a little I mean a little - 1/4-1/2 inch or something. Don’t risk dumping gasoline all over the ground.

In the search window, type “Gas fill” to see much more on this subject…

I agree that you should try pulling the nozzle out a little and try a different brand station.

However, you may be the problem. If you look in your owner’s manual, you will likely find it instructed you not to top off the tank. IF you are in the habit of topping off the tank, you can damage the vent system and end up paying some good money to fix it.

Two things to try:
If you pay at the pump, shut the pump off when it runs slow, then restart. Most of the time, this works.

If you pay in advance and the pump is slow, shut it off, go to the cashier and get your change, and go somewhere else.

Do they have those rubber guards over the nozzle that extend almost all the way to the end?

If so, those things suck. They’re all like that in California. California sucks.

They sure do and I am sure that is the problem. If I pull back a bit then the metal nozzle is not contacting the little “trap” door in the filler tube. Thanks, Stonesr