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2017 Hyundai Elantra shuts off the pump while filling up

how can i stop my car from shutting off the pump when i’m pumping gas into it? {i do not top off)

You may have experiment with how far you insert the nozzle into the filler neck. The gallon per minute rate is different at different stations or even different pumps at the same station. The pump I usually fill up at requires me to barely insert the nozzle, other station with lower flow rate I can insert it all the way. Note to there are two setting on the handle, choose the lower flow rate position…If at a station that requires you to hold the trigger, just barely squeeze it. If this does not work please respond to the following.

Has the car had this problem since new? Is it a recent development?
In either case, if your vehicle has less than 36,000 miles have your dealer fix it.
If the problem is with emission control equipment the warranty coverage may be longer.

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Some cars and trucks are just worse at this than others. Gasoline varies quite a bit as the seasons change and sometimes when they are blended in the tank, the gas foams and shuts off the nozzle. There may be nothing you can do about it.

I just filled up my gas tank (I don’t drive much). I was careful not
to put the nozzle in too far and I just barely squeezed the trigger.
I had one hiccup at the start and the rest of the time it worked
perfectly. Thank you for the help.

You shouldn’t have to do that in order to fill the gas tank.

Have your vehicle inspected to see if the vent in EVAP system is restricted with spider egg sacs.

If the gas tank can’t vent, it makes it difficult to fill the gas tank.