I Visited The Twilight Zone Yesterday....Sort Of

I’ve had a bad cold for several days and I finally got well enough to travel to town. To my utter surprise…I saw that fuel prices had plummeted during my illness. I filled up my truck for $2.82 a gallon with my Kroger card and it felt good. As I was standing there pumping the gas…I felt out of place with prices this low. It was sort of like being in the “Twilight Zone” for a few minutes. When I walked into the supermarket…the price of apples quickly ended my Twilight Zone experience. How are fuel prices in your area? With Thanksgiving just a few days away…I don’t see the prices staying like this. Happy Thanksgiving anyway and enjoy your holiday.

Gas prices have been steadily falling in NJ also, and when I last filled the tank–at Costco, about a week ago–I paid 2.96 per gallon.

I just checked gas prices online, via Gas Buddy (a good way to compare prices, in case you are not familiar with it!), I see that the price at Costco has gone back up to $3.09 per gallon.
Go figure!

As to Thanksgiving, I just hope that the publicity about a shortage of fresh turkeys doesn’t cause any problems for me. I am going to pick up my turkey today, so that–if I have to settle for a frozen one–I will have plenty of time to defrost it in the refrig before I begin brining it.

If you are not familiar with brining a turkey, you immerse it in a water, sugar, salt, and spice mixture overnight–in a GIANT ziplock-type bag, and the result is incredible. Last year, I brined my turkey for the first time, and everyone agreed that it was the tastiest, most moist turkey that I had ever served!

I am wishing happy holidays and low gas prices for all!

+1 on brining the turkey. Google “Alton Brown’s Good Eats Turkey Recipe.” It’ll be the best turkey you ever had. And the bonus is, you can use the cheapest 59 cent/lb frozen turkey and it’ll still taste like gourmet food. Your family will be amazed!

But speaking of Twilight Zone food prices…I bought an Idaho potato the other day and it was $1.79 per lb! For a potato! What is going on? Potatoes used to be cheap as dirt. Is Idaho running out of dirt??

Well, somebody has to pay for those new Idaho potato ads on TV!

However, I am not about to criticize an organization that prominently features a beautiful mid-'50s Studebaker pickup truck in their commercials. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch for this ad, as it has several nice shots of a showroom new-looking Stude pickup in a nice two-tone red & white color scheme.


@VDC, I must live in the wrong state, because Idaho doesn’t advertise potatoes here.

By the way, thanks for mentioning brining. I think it’s such an important topic that I started a new thread on the subject, with hat tip to you. I just tried brining two years ago and am trying to spread the Gospel. :wink:

In So. MN I think I paid about $3.06 for reg. a couple days ago. To be honest, I don’t pay much attention anymore, except non-oxy for my lawn mower and snow blower was still well over $4.

I used to have a garden every year and one year grew potatos. After all the labor and digging to harvest the small crop, I went to the store and saw 10 pounds for 99 cents. Never grew them again and shortly after gave up the garden.

@Bing, looks like your problem was you didn’t have access to a price-fixing cartel for your potato crop:

Now I know why Idaho potatoes cost so much. Who’d a thunk it?

Gas prices are about $0.60 cheaper now then during the summer. Very nice surprise.

Cheaper here in southern CA too. Filled up at 3.39 in costco yesterday. The downside is that the traffic gets much worse when gas is cheap-at least around here. Add holiday shopping to it and my morning commute takes twice it did in summer. I think I spend the same amount of money on gas either way.

About 2.88 around here for regular unleaded.

Last week, at the Marathon I typically use, I filled up for $2.88 a gallon. Lowest I’d seen in a long time. A report on the news said that the public is feeling good about it, and there was a slight uptick in spending on other things.

I also shop at Costco, but I don’t get gas there.

I just don’t feel like waiting in those long lines. I feel that the long wait negates any convenience

I fill up at the 76 station very near my house

Regular unleaded here hovering about $3. Costco and some discount brands are $2.95 or so.

As for potatoes, Washington grown potatoes will leave Idaho spuds in the dirt. Pun intended.

So with the falling gas prices, everyone should go out and replace their windshield wipers or buy yourself a new tablet. :>))

@asemaster…I lived in the Seattle area once and I can attest that Washington potatoes, apples and Walla Walla onions are second to none.

I don’t understand how the price of gasoline could be so low. The price of WTI oil has been about $94/barrel which $2.35/gallon. How can gasoline be refined from that oil and sold at a profit not even considering that the fuel is taxed.

Crude oil is sold by the 42 gallon ‘barrel’ (I’ve never seen one), so the price is about $2.24/gallon for crude. One reason gas prices are down is increase export of diesel to Europe, that requires making more gasoline, so there’s a lot of gasoline available. High gasoline supplies are driving down the price.

@texases True but it’s not quite that simple. Crude oil in the US is sold at a lower level than the international price; some imported Canadian crudes at about half the world price. Those combined forces plus a stagnant demand for gasoline in the US are keeping a lid on gasoline prices. This situation will not necessarily continue; Saudi Arabia and other producing countries are building giant export refineries to sell diesel and gasoline to Europe and other markets.

The refining cost for products is called the “crack spread” and it can be as low as $1.15 per barrel in efficient refineries.

@Docnick - I just looked at the ‘crack spread’ (it’s the price difference, not the cost difference, right? Per wiki: “Crack spread is a term used in the oil industry and futures trading for the differential between the price of crude oil and petroleum products extracted from it.”), As a proxy I looked at gasoline - crude price: gas price - crude price has averaged about 19% of crude price since 1986 (comparing NY harbor gas to Cushing WTI), for the last month it has been about 15%, half of what is was mid 2012 through mid 2013.

Down to $3,03 in Southern Minnesota today, so I saved 15 cents. I’ll go out and spend it right away to help the economy.