Fuel pricing

found out E85 pricing has few rules in my state. gas sellers cannot sell pure gas or E10 versions for less than cost. right now gas is about $1.74/gal at the terminal. most of the station in town sell it for about 2.50 today. E85 does not follow those rules or limits.you can buy it in northern mn for 1.49 but it is 2.20 in mpls. that is a pricing issue, not a technical issue such as the actual blend ratio. during the winter in mn, E85 actually is blended at a lower ratio. it might be E60 or even E50. so you are getting less ethanol and more gas but still at a reduced price. the E85 on the sign is actually a description of the “concept” of the fuel and does not guarantee the actual mix. unfortunately winter driving requires longer warm ups, extended idling, poor driving conditions which result in poorer mileage. so you get “better” E85 mix ratio but higher than normal fuel use.

I don’t use E-anything if I can help it. I’m still wondering why kerosene is still $4.50 a gallon. Enjoy the pricing while it lasts. Once Putin is gone, it’ll go up again.