Gas price update

Mn gets it crude from Canada. Go figure. Alaska crude costs more than Canada crude? Gotta keep the elk safe. Or penguins?

In Central NJ, Costco is charging 3.19 per gallon for regular, and the predominant price at the “majors” is 3.34, or a few cents more.

Penguins are a Southern Hemisphere bird.

Gotta keep the elk safe. Or penguins?
If all the other penguins are like Willy the penguin, an extensive anti-smoking campaign needs to be done with them. (This comment is for the older readers on this board. Back in the 1950s, Kool cigarettes featured Willy the Penguin who always said “Smoke Kool”).

Gas has been hanging here for a couple of weeks at below the $3 mark if you look around. Haven’t seen that in a while…

@Cavell You might think “oil is oil”, but market access plays a big part. Alaska crude fetches world prices, because it is exported to foreign countries as well as to US refineries. US customers have to pay the same.

Canadian crude is only exported to the USA and as such fetches less than world price because of pipeline restrictions.