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Sticking gas pedal on 2001 Alero

I bought new Alero in 2001. On Saturday I experienced the gas pedal was stuck and the car cruised at 45 MPH with no gas pedal. The Cruise was turned off. I stopped the car and turned off the engine then restarted. It happened again. I returned home. Not problem since

I had the same problem on my 2000 Blazer a few weeks ago, the accelerator stuck at full throttle. After I pulled over and shut down the engine, I checked the accelerator cable for any binding at the throttle body. Didn’t find anything obviously sticking.

After I got back home, I cleaned and lubricated the accelerator linkage at the throttle body. I used throttle body spray cleaner to clean the inside of throttle body in case the butterfly valve was binding.

Ed B.

Check the driver’s side carpet and floor mat as well. They tend to get bunched up near the corner where the accelerator lives.