Gas pedal not responding after complete stop


I have a Nissan Murano 2004 SL AWD.
I got the car last year and since I got the car, my gas pedal was not working properly during certain condition. You would think my car is haunted, believe me!

The main problem is: after driving for 30 minutes, when I come to a complete stop, my gas pedal does not respond directly. I have to press the gas pedal all the way and release it for the car to start driving.
The more I do this process after the problem occurs, the more time the gas pedal will respond after I completely floor it. For example, after 15 minutes of such problem occurring, I need about 2.5 seconds for the gas pedal to work after flooring it. After 30 min of the problem occurring, I need about 3 sec. to 3.5 sec. and on a hill, the respond time takes even longer!

Now here is the funny part…
I have notice that whenever it’s hot outside, the problem with my gas pedal does not occur after 30 minutes but it will occur after less time, maybe after 15 to 20 minutes of driving.
When it’s colder like during the winter the problem will occur after 40 minutes of driving.

Here is another funny thing.
When my gas pedal start acting up, if I go to park my car and turn my engine off for about… 5 to 10 minutes, less or more, the gas pedal starts working again for the next 10 to 15 minutes before acting up again.

What do you guys think about this?
I really want to fix it.
It’s not bothering me sometimes but today I was at a red light on a hill and my car just did not accelerate at all for about 3 seconds while my car was sliding down and people beeping at me.
It’s really getting me irritated!

I need help, please!

small edit: just a reminder that this problem only occur after a complete stop.

I think you’ve got a problem with the drive by wire throttle sensor. That’s the thing that senses where the throttle is and tells the engine. I’d have the dealer look at it. I’d be afraid if it does not respond, it could just as well respond the other way by rapidly accelerating the car.

Please clarify something. When you say the gas pedal doesn’t respond, you’re saying that the engine doesn’t change RPMs (so that it stays at a steady idle) the whole time, correct? If the engine revs but the car doesn’t move, that’s a whole different issue.

If, as @lion9car asks, the engine doesn’t rev by pressing the gas pedal, I gotta agree with @bing, the throttle-by-wire sensor is at fault. Usually, this is part of the gas pedal assembly and replaced as a unit. The gas pedal is bolted to the car and an electrical connector ties it to the engine rather than a mechanical pull cable. Not sure what it costs for a Murano but they are generally easy to replace.

Why would someone let a problem like this go for a year let alone for a week ? I can think of a lot of situations where this could be the cause of a serious accident.

I would agree that it would be the accelerator pedal/sensor but what’s puzzling is why it only occurs after a complete stop.

Who knows why? It really doesn’t make any difference. Its a trip to the dealer pronto to have it repaired. They’ll do the diagnosis as we completely hashed out in another thread.

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The RPM does change but slowly even when my gas pedal is pressed all the way.

I’m guessing your Murano has an automatic transmission. If the hill you described is on the way to the Nissan dealership I suggest you apply the brakes with your left foot until RPM increases.

My Nissan has exactly the same problem! Everything goes just like you described. Did you take your car to a dealer? What did they say?

Helen , the person who started this has not posted for 4 years . If your vehicle is still in warranty then the dealer can solve this . If out of warranty a decent shop can also solve this. If you are mechanically inclined I suggest you start your own thread by clicking on the new topic box. Give the year and model , engine , transmission and describe the symptoms you have.

The brake light switch may be failing. If the computer input shows that the brake is applied the accelerator pedal won’t operate, it is a fail-safe to prevent unintended acceleration.