[Nissan Altima] Gas padel not responding immediately after complete stop


I have a 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. I got it last year and the odometer reading is about 65k now.

The main problem is: after driving for 30 minutes, when I completely stop, my gas pedal does not respond directly. I have to floor the gas pedal to start driving.

The more I do this process after the problem occurs, the more time the gas pedal will respond after I completely floor it. For example, after 5 mins of such the problem occurring, it takes 1 second for the gas pedal to work after flooring it. After 15 mins of the problem occurring, I need about 2 secs.

Here is the funny part.

When the problem occurs, if I stop and turn my engine off for a few seconds, the gas pedal works again before acting up again. If it’s cold outside, it works for another 15 minutes; if it’s hot, then it only works for another 10 mins. (just my estimation)

What do you guys think?

I didn’t find this problem before because usually I don’t drive for more than 30 mins. It only occurred twice, once in February and once yesterday.

Thanks for your help!

Note: the problem only occurs after a complete stop.

is engine not responding at all OR is engine revving up, but car does not want to accelerate?

The engine revs up but the car doesn’t move

The engine is responding to the accelerator pedal, the transmission is failing.

Your vehicles powertrain warranty is for 5 years/60,000 miles.


The transmission for these cars needs to have its fluid changed regularly. About every 30,000 miles. Yours has 65k, due for its second change. Maybe that will help this problem.


I used to have 3 Nissans with CVT in my family and all of them developed the slippage you described at some point in time, although not as severe as yours. This is a pre-failure condition

Replacing fluid indeed helps, but not for very long, as CVT pulleys are damaged once extensive slippage occurs.


Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s a CPO car. Is this problem covered?

link for the warranty coverage:

So it’s a transmission issue?

It might be best to ask the dealer because you have a problem that needs to be solved .

Nissan’s CVTs have had lots of problems. For some models the warranty was extended, but only through 2010 model year, so check your CPO paperwork carefully to see if it extended the coverage. More info here:

And more info about Altima problems here (transmission problems was #1, 2013-2015):

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OK! Thanks!

If your CPO agreement has it covered, you are $4-5 grands lucky.

If not, try to struck the balance of being insistent, but still constructive and make impression you are loyal to the brand and try making a deal where Nissan (either dealer or corporate) would offer some “good faith” help.

I’ve seen myself before where the good word did much more than lawyers would do.

This happened to my 13 Altima, it’ll get worse, I had to replace the transmission smh