Car Fails to Respond to Gas Pedal Pressure

While driving at speeds below 30 mph, it appears that the car stops responding to pressure on the gas pedal. The car will be going along just fine and then suddenly there is an intermittent failure for the car to move forward in response to pressing down on the gas pedal (like a stuttering stop and go). There aren’t any accompanying odd noises, just the car’s failure to respond (the car is a 2003 and has 169,000 miles on it.

Automatic or manual transmission? If it is a manual, it may be in too high of a gear causing the engine to lug.

Ed B.

Automatic transmission

When you press on the accelerator, does the engine rev up - but the car just won’t go?

Or does it feel like it is jerking along?

Your description is really unclear so its hard to start making suggestions.

Read my original statement. “A stuttering stop and go…” So that would be equivalent to it “jerking along”. The engine does not rev when the gas pedal is pressed.

I did read your original statement - about three times - but stuttering stop and go does not mean the car fails to respond to gas pedal pressure.

Change your plugs and wires, get a new fuel and air filter.

Is it testy OP day on the forums today?

Yep…it is testy OP day on the forums. Kidding…I appreciate your response. Sorry for being testy. I changed the fuel and air filters…I’ll try the same with the plugs and wires.

…and if that doesn’t help, take a look at the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF).