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Garage proof bumpers

I have a 98 Lexus that was in perfect condition until I put it in a NYC garage. Now it looks like it was in demolition derby. Is there some kind of bumper I can buy that won’t chip?

There are products specifically designed to prevent the type of damage that your car has incurred.

Take a look at:

I would suggest that you have your bumpers refinished by a body shop, and then use a device such as the one advertised on the above website to prevent new damage.

That’s a great suggestion, VDCdriver.

I have noticed some vehicles, like the two door versions of the Chevy Cavalier and particular versions of the Toyota Sienna, have unpainted bumpers. Depending on the color of your Lexus, you might be able to get away with unpainted bumpers.

Thank you; I actually have those but garage doesn’t always put them on.

Why don’t you put them on before you give them the keys?

Do they have to be removed to move the car?

I think I’d present the parking garage a bill for the damaged bumpers.