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The Bumper Dilemma


I took my 2007 BMW 328xi in to the body shop today because the paint was peeling on the drivers side portion of the front bumper on my car. The person at the body shop informed me and my mother, that the bumper had been damaged once befor but was not repaired by them. He pointed out the the marks indicating the previous damage and that the paint peeling off was not the cars original paint. Second opinion, bodyshop said the same thing. The quote seemed rather high in price to either repair or repalce (they were the same)the bumper. We bought this car used, and this repair was not mention anywhere, or noticed by the BMW CPO program inspection. The damage has not affected the car in any way but, the issue still is bugging me. My question is what should we do?

Was the damage there whe you picked up your CPO Bimmer? If not, you might address the issue with the dealer you bought the car from. Another option is to buy a spray can of touch-up paint, learn how to prepare the surface, and do it yourself. Just tape off around the area you want to paint and use newspaper to cover the grill/lights/bumper you don’t want to paint.

The damage was not there when we bough the car. I could make a guess that the ‘repair’ may have been done shortly before the car went of lease. The dealer did not know about it (they showed me all the records for the car). We’ve owned now for slightly over a year and it just started ahppening 3 weeks ago.