It's Been One Of Those Days!

My cars lower engine shield didn’t clear one the lift arms backing out of the shop! :angry:

It’s fixed.


Ouch! sorry that happened to you.

D’OH! I hate when stuff like that happens to anyone. Hope you can find a color-matched bumper cover for it.

That would look better than lacing it up with ty-wraps… well, look better to the adults, anyway.

Maybe you could get you’re shop’s insurance etc pay for it. After all, you know the owner. Knowing the owner will also tell you whether you want to ask.

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Yeah, that’s a bummer. I had something like that happen with my first car, 62 Ford Galaxy. chrome bumper so car was ok, but garage door trim took a bit of a beating. In your case, on the positive: There’s no rust on the functional bumper :slight_smile: