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A paint problem

I have a new (to me) 2008 Lexus 350. The mechanic ran over a can of spray paint and it got on the hood, side panel, bumper, ruined one of the headlights, some underbody. Should I assume the body shop (has a good reputation) will be able to buff it out, repaint back bumper, etc. or should I tell the dealer to take it back in inventory and find me another car. Don’t know how to make the decision. BTW I’m a woman! Thanks.

Any good body shop can correct this. You need not fear.

They’ll probably have to do some polish work. You might try to get them to polish the whole car, as if they only polish the part that got hit with paint, you’ll have a very shiny part and the rest will be almost, but not quite, as shiny.

The bonus to this is that if they agree, you get a $400-$500 detail job for free, and your paint will (assuming they do a good job) look better than it did when the car was new.