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Garage Door

I’m trying to get my new car to open my garage door. The owner’s manual instructions don’t seem to work.The opener is a '97 Chamberlain that works fine with my '03 Le Sabre. Are these compatible or do I have to get a new opener?

By the way, the old Buick was in my driveway while I was working on this last night. This morning, I found all my radio presets were gone, which didn’t happen even when I replaced the battery three months ago. Is this auto jealousy?

I have a Chamberlain garage door opener that was installed when we had the house built in 1989. I had no problem programming our 2011 Toyota Sienna so that I could open the door.

I also have a Chamberlain. You do know that you have to put the opener and the button in the car in learning mode together, right? They both need to sync together. There is a red button on the back of the garage door opener, and instructions to program with a remote (the car) are on a label back there.

Thanks for the info, but your opener probably had switches to set the code. There’s instructions for that in the car manual.

Some garage door openers with ‘rolling codes’ require an extra step for the system to learn “how they roll” lol. You might try repeating the whole process and see if it helps.