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Future trends!

One of these days,I want to upgrade to a new pickup(or slightly used)looks like Mahindra or the new “Lifestyle” are promising or maybe Ford-I dont want one of GM’s behomeths(why doesnt GM consolidate its truck lines so it can be nomber one in truck sales?) Does anyone see any evolution in truck models in the next 5 years?-Kevin

Who Is “Ma Hindra” And How Does “Life Style” Relate To Trucks?

The behemoths that you refer to are the big sellers where I live and enjoy repeat buyers. Looking at sales figures for Ford’s F-150 and Chrysler’s Ram, I’d say that many people have a desire to own these vehicles. Owners I’ve talked with aren’t looking for an “evolution”.


Have you looked at the Chevy Colorado? It is a mid-sized truck. I wouldn’t call it a behemoth.

I suggest you do some shopping for yourself to see what is out there. Check all of the manufacturers’ web sites.

What you will find is that small trucks are not made any more, and have been replaced with mid-sized trucks, but all of the manufacturers have done this, not just GM. They must be responding to consumer demand for this change. After all, if you want a small truck, you can probably do the job with a station wagon-like car. If you really want or need a truck, you will want one that can handle heavy duty work.

Remember, at the FIRST HINT of an economic recovery, gas prices will soar…

I am keeping that in mind. I think higher fuel prices will only reinforce this trend. Small pick-up trucks usually get about 26 MPG at best. When gas gets more expensive, the small truck will be too much of a compromise. People will either want a truck that can handle real work or something more fuel efficient than a small truck.

A lot the people around here that own those behomeths never dirty the bed or use the hitch,besides if these big ones can get such great mileage-the scaled down ones can do proportionatly better-with the the same unladen power to weight-Kevin

Whatever you are going to buy, it will last 15-20 years and the average fuel price during that life time will be AT LEAST $4+/gallon. So, if you want a truck that’s economical, wait till Ford and others bring out a Ranger size truck with a sturdy 4 cyl. diesel and a 5 speed transmission. This vehicle is in use the world over and is a real workhorse in all developing countries.

Forget “trends”, Americans have extremely short memories, and the attention span of a gnat in terms of what to buy and when. Last year everyone was into “hypermiling”, remember?

Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda all make these sturdy economical trucks! I’m sure Ford and GM will too soon.

Mahindra is an Indian tractor and heavy industry manufacturer(Built tanks or something for us in wartime)they are bringing a diesel powered pickup to market in the US with a 7ft plus bed-The “Lifestyle” is Dodges new slated , future market entry with advanced V6 power( formaly called the “Phoenix engine”-Kevin

Well actually I speak for myself(of course) I like the 7/8 's size trucks-parking lot stalls seem to be shrinking to me.However when I actually need a powerful,heavy duty truck,I hop in the RD685 Mack and if I need more ,I hook the lowboy to the pintle hitch.Will haul far more then most pickups,without strain(stop the weight safely too)-Kevin

GM & Ford are in the same ballpark as the others.
Mitsubishi Raider is a Dakota
Mazda is a Ranger
Isuzu is a Colorado
Suzuki p/u is a Nissan
Nissan Frontier & Toyota are good vehicles but no better than any others.

why doesn’t GM consolidate its truck lines so it can be number one in truck sales?

If they did then GM would be #1 in truck sales but they cannot because.

  1. GMC trucks are sold through Buick/Pontiac/Cadillac dealers and cannot sell Chevy trucks.
  2. If GM discontinued GMC trucks then Buick/Pontiac/Cadillac dealers would not have a truck to sell and as stated above these dealers cannot sell Chevy trucks.
  3. If GM discontinued GMC trucks those B/P/C dealers could not survive on car sales alone. Remember that some of these dealers sell only 1 or 2 lines and Buick for example only has 3 models.

maybe Ford-I dont want one of GM’s behomeths(…IMOO the Chevy is no bigger than the Ford.

The Ford probaly is as big(pardon my English),the chrome sideburns on a new Chevy turn me off(like the styling on the GMC just fine-GMs pushrod smallblock is hard to beat.I still think the pinnacle of that engine was the Vortec V8,from a service standpoint)Still think GM needs the bragging rights now more then ever.-Kevin

The immediate future is likely to have a lot more consolidation than we think.

I don’t foresee real evolution, but styling changes. Trucks have to do work, and that requires strength, toughness, and payload.

True enough,but things will probaly change a little-Kevin

Direct injection and new valve train operating tech (as we have spoke about) are future trends that are here now. My friend at BMW says the direct injection fuel pumps have turned out to be problematic. All that have been done are under warranty so no cost info. yet.

I don’t think a 115 hp truck will sell here.

The Ranger and B2300 with manual transmission get the best mileage at 23.5 MPG average. The Silverado hybrid automatic is not far behind at 21.5 MPG; same as the Ranger with auto. In 5 years, it is likely that small diesels will be in pickups. With the advent of low sulfur fuel, engines from abroad should work with US diesel fuel. The hold up is emissions testing and life testing to tune them for the USA.

I’ll be watching that new direct injection. I’m still not comfortable with the idea on a gas engine.