Plymouth Breeze blows a fuse


This car, a '96, blows the #8 ignition / starter / fuel fuse for “no apparent” reason. I have to replace this 20A fuse if I want the car to start. How can I check to find a plausible cause for this?


The fuse is blowing to protect the rest of the circuit. Somewhere within the circuit (or circuits) protected by this fuse there is a short or some other problem causing a current draw of more than 20 Amps. That’s a pretty big draw.

Fuses don’t blow for no reason. You just haven’t found the reason yet.


To add to what was said, remember that the short may be intermittent and only occur occasionally, maybe a frayed wire rubbing against something. They can be tough to find unless the fuse is blowing as soon as you put it in.

Good Luck


The above posts both speak the truth but give you no help in tracking down the problem. Your next step must be to get a wiring diagram and find out exactly which components are controlled by the fuse. I’m suspecting you have a bad starter (solenoid) but you will use the wiring diagram to confirm.


Fuse #8 provides power to the starter relay and the fuel pump relay (diagram #1). It also supplies power to the ignition switch (diagram #2). Diagram 3 shows a simplified view of the starting system. Hope these help.


Sorry here is diagram #2.


Thanks DARTMAN…it’s amasing how these systems rely on one another. I guess I’ll try to find a way to test these circuits or get a mecanic who knows his way around electrical problems. In the meantime, I’ve baught a case of 20A fuses to get around!