Intermittent Sudden Stall with 92 Golf

I have a 1992 VW Golf with a sudden stall issue. Even though this adds a little excitement and unpredictability to an otherwise reliable car, I?d like to get this resolved. It started happening a few months ago and has been occurring at least a few times per week between commuting and other driving around town.

When it happens, it?s usually within the first 10 minutes of driving. When it stalls, it?s immediate with no sputtering?the RPM suddenly goes to zero. Most of the time I can start it right back up, and other times it takes a few minutes to start again. Those times when it doesn?t restart right away, it will crank without firing. Sometimes the stall is while idling (coasting), and other times while engine is engaged. Power to radio, lights, etc. are not interrupted when stalling.

It has been to the shop several times, and has a new battery, new ignition module. The wires and distributor are fairly new and in good shape. What can I suggest to the mechanic to look at next?

Mileage is 145k.

For anybody interested, the problem was apparently a short in the fuse box. The shop was able to reproduce the problem by grabbing/shaking the fuse box. It?s now fixed and running again!

Wow! A success story. Glad you got the problem resolved. I suggest you stick with the shop that figured this out.

Happy motoring.