Need HELP to save my 1996 Plymouth Voyager from going to a "happier place"!

I have a Voyager minivan, 1996 (96000 miles) that has been sitting on my driveway for almost 6 months now. Here is the problem, the van will go perfect for 2 miles then the engine dies. No spitting, no noises… everything is just killed all of a sudden. It could start again, but then it is for few feet only… And eventually would not start at all untill the engine cools down (faster if I open the hood).

The same would also happen if I run it on idle in the drive way, give it some 15 minutes or so and the engine shuts down.

The cooling fan is working fine and I just replaced the module on it.
The car does not show extra heat on the thermometer, but I replaced the thermostat regardless.
Changed the Coil as I found a blog discussing it could be the coil.
Replaced the heat sensor
Changed oil, placed injector cleaner…
Set a small fire and danced around for the gods of Plymouth to have mercy on me.

All failed… What can the problem be. In winter it can go 10 miles or so, summer/no more than 2-3 miles. Something related to the car as it gets hot and decides to shut down…

Any ideas? HELP!

When your Voyager stops, it either isn’t getting fuel or it isn’t getting ignition. From what you describe, it sounds like a problem in the ignition system. When it stops, test for spark. If you have spark, then move onto the fuel system. If it is the fuel system, the fuel pump relay may be the culprit.

Based on its age and mileage and what happened to our 2000 it should be the fuel pump. But you can not throw parts at it. So test one by one for spark and fuel.

Have a can of starting fluid (ether) ready and when it quits spray a 4-5 second spray of it into the air cleaner. If it starts and runs briefly on the ether you have a fuel problem.
If not it is electrical.
A 96 should have an OBD II port under the drivers side of the dash- get the codes read. Some auto parts stores do it for free.

Maybe the ASD (automatic shut down) relay is faulty. That relay controls the fuel pump and PCM.

The van really needs to be scanned first as that could possibly shed some light on an ASD or ignition problem.