2007 Cadillac DTS - Cigarette lighter is broken

Car cigarette lighter in front and rear inop. I checked the fuses under the hood and back seat, both appear to be good.
Any suggestions?

just a thought. if the fuses are good, are you sure they are both not working?
if you are using a plug like below to test if they are working then it could be the plug itself. they have a fuse inside that could be blown.


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From what I see, circuit starts at battery +, then to 20 amp fuse number 23, then to both cigar lighters, then to ground. There’s an aux power outlet on the same circuit as cigar lighter number 2, you might get a clue by testing for power there. Are you able to probe inside the cigar lighter socket with lighter removed? You should measure battery power & ground there.

My guess is that while the fuse appeared to be good, it isn’t. If it is the blade type, you can probe (with lab volt meter) each side at the top of the fuse, to make sure that the battery voltage input to the fuse reaches the output.

Thanks for the quick response i will try your recommendation and get back with you asap