Fuil Pump (electric)

I bought an electrical fuil pump, used, (just a few days ago) from a junk yard place. “It will be replaced within 90 days” so they said. The pump worked 21 days. Now they say "it’s on the back "! I know it says “electical Pump”, but does it realy go under this categorie with so little electric on it?

English is not your native language, right?

Yes…it’s an electrical fuel pump. It uses 12VDC. I think you are asking if you have a warranty on this item. If you have something in writing saying “90 day warranty” then go back to the salvage yard and ask for a prorated refund. If not, buy a new fuel pump and take this as a lesson learned. Used fuel pumps are a “coin toss”. You got tails on this one.

the line that’s missing is “no refunds on electrical items or on dismantled parts” how ever the 90 day "warranty was given to me and to somebody else on the phone ( the one on the phone is the one who bought and needed the part, I was just there to pick it up). However they still charged 135 $ so who would buy such a part, plus the labor to install, with no warranty? But it looks like it is more importend what the back, and not the front of an invoice “has to say”

Some items on a vehicle should never be replaced with a used part except in a dire emergency and a fuel pump is one of those parts.

No way on Earth would I give 135 bucks for a used pump unless it was for a Maybach or something.