Fuil Pump (last try :( )



I bought an electrical fuil pump, used, (just a few days ago) from a junk yard place. “It will be replaced within 90 days” so they said. The pump worked 21 days. Now they say “it’s on the back of your invoice; no refunds on electrical items or on dismantled parts!” I know it says “electical Pump”, but does it realy go under this categorie with so little electric on it?


Same answer as the first two…


An electric fuel pump is an electrical device. The no refund policy should have been explained to you, or noted. Obviously the person you talked to did not provide you the proper verbal information about the part. You are stuck unless you can find the guy that said you had a 90 day warranty, to politely force the issue. I would not be dealing with these business again, and get the part I need from a reputable auto parts store.

In this instance, and without a warranty like 90 days or so, I would not have purchased the part.


as a matter of fact, they told me and the person on the phone (for whome I bought the pump) “if it does not work within…”! How ever this was not in writing, of course


That’s why exceptions like electrical items need to be closely read in the fine print. Some shops post large signs noting things like that. If these guys won’t budge, then you are pretty well shafted. Avoid them in the future.

Verbal statements don’t generally count; it is what is said in writing that does.


Junk yards usually will EXCHANGE stuff for another part, but they almost never refund the MONEY…It’s just not in their DNA to do that…They NEVER give back the money…

When you are shopping at “Jakes Used Auto Parts” you are a long, long, long ways from WalMart…


All of the junkyards around here have a standard policy of no refunds on electrical parts simply because there are too many ways for the user to fry something, misdiagnose, or even try to return a matching part to the yard that was not purchased from them.

And have you actually even verified the pump is bad and the problem is not in the pump controls?


lesson ; some parts are best bought new, never used.

What makes you think their used pump is in any better condition than your used pump ?
Any part which contains plastic or rubber and has been sitting and sitting and sitting for lord knows how long, is best bought new.



While there are some parts that I would consider buying from a junk yard, a fuel pump is DEFINITELY not something that should be bought as a used part.