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Fuel pump 2004 Jetta

I have a 2004 Jettta that I was told had a bad fuel pump. I purchaed a used fuel pump and had the mechanic install the unit. Of course the fix did not happen and I was told I would need a whole tank system because there are a lot of sensors within the tank you cannot work on or get to. Has anyone heard of this situation with gas tanks and shold I just try another used fuel pump from a rebuttable parts company? I am trying to save money and I do not want to have to buy a brand new fuel pump. any thoughts would help thank you

There should be no reason whatsoever that your fuel pump cannot be replaced.

It’s also true that mechanics generally od not like to install a used fuel pump that they did not procure. Or, for that matter, even a new fuel pump that they did not procure. If it doesn’t work or fails prematurely, the customer inevitably blames the mechanic and expects free work until the problem is fixed.

How about asking the mechanic if he can save you some money by putting in a rebuilt fuel pump? Than he gets to “stand behind” the installation, and you get the benefot of his doing so. Everyone wins.