Electrical problem on 93 Probe

My son’s car has been in the shop for over a week. He writes to me “The problem isn’t the fuel pumps, but a short circuit in the fuel system that’s been going to ground (and zapping the fuel pumps they tried installing) They’re still searching for a short, but they haven’t found anything yet.” The previous big expense the distributor cap was replaced. Other than that this little car has been a gem.

Have you heard of a short to the fuel pump before and if so where should his mechanic look to fix this?

I can’t see how a “short” or any other problem with the electrical connection could damage a fuel pump…unless they got the polarity backwards. Are they SURE they’re installing the right part AND it’s being damaged?

Replacing a distributor cap is not a big expense. Replacing a distributor is.

Thanks for your reply. Would a falty pump relay short out a replaced fuel pump? Also the distributor was replaced by the same shop. My error my husband corrected me.

“Would a falty pump relay short out a replaced fuel pump?”

No, the relay will either send 12V to the pump or it won’t. It’ll run or it won’t.

I really want to know has anybody proved that a new pump was damaged. Did they test one of the replacement pumps after it was tried on the car? Does a replacement pump work for awhile then stop? Has the voltage been checked on the pump connector?

Thanks again for your reply. You were right it was not the fuel pump. This is the latest information from my son. "“It wasn’t fuel pumps, wiring shorts, or anything of that nature. Two of the pistons in the engine weren’t firing, so they’re going to give it a tune up.” He hopes to pick it up tomorrow. But I’m wondering if they are on the right track now or not.