No Power to Fuel Pump



Relays are fine and the fuses also.2001 Suzuki swift was running fine till I tried to crank the next morning.Noticed I didnt hear the slight hum of the fuel pump so I started traceing .Checked the fuses first , then the relays .Removed the back seat and found the connection to the fuel pump and tested it for power . There was none.Is there a senser or something that will cut the power to the pump in case of a problem?


You’re going to need a manual and follow the diagnostic process.

There will be no power at the fuel pump connector unless the engine is being cranked over by the starter motor. The exception would be in the first couple of seconds when the key is first turned to the RUN position. Power should be provided for about 2 seconds and this is the fuel pump prime.

The pump relay is controlled by the ECM which relies on an ignition pulse from the ignition module to determine when to operate the pump relay.


If you checked the power at the relay and it is okay then there is a break in the line somehow. Some cars have a automatic shutdown circuit for the fuel system. You may have one in your vehicle and it needs to be reset.

As was suggested you would be wise to invest in a service manual since you can work on problems like this yourself. To me it is not only a good thing to have, it is a must. A manual will save you a lot of time and money. Check Ebay as a source for one.


Note that the owner manual should have information on an intertial switch if there is one.