Fuel Pump

How do I replace the fuel pump in my 2000 honda odyssey

Start by buying a Hayne srepair manual at the parts store. Then follow the directions for replacing he fuel pump.

You may be lucky. This vehicle may be one of those that does not require dropping the tank, one of those that has an access hatch for the pump.

From my Haynes manual: Disconnect Neg battery cable. Relieve fuel system pressure. Remove 2nd row seats.
Under carpet, remove the 4 access cover screws, remove cover. Disconnect fuel pump/fuel level sending unit electrical connector. Disconnect the 2 quick-connect fuel lines.
Remove the large plastic locknut. Be careful not to damage it, there’s a special tool you may be able to borrow to get this off if necessary. Lift out the fuel pump/fuel pressure sending unit. Make sure seal around top of module is not damaged.

I think buying a Haynes repair manual for your vehicle is a wise investment.

I agree with the Haynes manual suggestion. A good service manual is worth its weight in gold.

Please remember, you’re going to be opening the fuel tank. Extreme caution is required. Disconnect the battery before you go anywhere near the fuel pump.