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Fuel neck replacement

I recently had my fuel neck replaced (the old one was quite corroded) and now when I try to fill up my gas tank it takes forever! When the guy at the gas station tries to put gas in my car, the pump keeps shutting off. It takes 15 minutes to get just a few gallons into the tank. Any suggestions?

It’s not venting properly. No internal or external vent line?

I will swing by my garage tomorrow morning and ask him about that. Where would a vent line be? Attached to the fuel neck?

How the gas tank vents depends on the year of the vehicle.


It will either be on the neck or the tank. Its potentially plugged or kinked.
Pulling the nozzle out a little bit when refueling might help.

It might be the anti-spill valve, at the base of the fill tube, is closed. The shop which installed the filler tube will need to fix it at NO additional charge.