Blown fuel pump fuse

when i changed the alternator on my 2000 plymouth neon,i (stupidly) crossed the wires for the the fuel pump fuse keeps blowing,when it turns over,which isn’t often.i turn the key,and nothing happens.can someone,ANYONE,help me with this???

I don’t know how you could have crossed the wires for the altenator, there is a cable with an eyelet and a field control connector that plugs in.

Fuse #4 in the power distribution center (under the hood) only powers the fuel pump relay/fuel pump. If the fuse is blowing the fuel pump is likely the problem. You could first try exchanging the relay with another in the PDC.

You may have melted the insulation on a wire causing a short. Also, reversing the polarity usually burns several of the fusible links.