1990 pontiac Sunbird fuel pump fuse problem



I have a problem with my fuel pump fuse blowing out while driving a can;t find out why.


The fuel pump may be drawing too much current because it’s wearing out. You might want to have a fuel pump current draw test performed.



I had the fuel pump replaced and the problem is still there.


You may have a short in the power line to the pump. Possibly chafed insulation that touches occasionally. The only real solution is to run a new wire.


You CAN’T run just one new wire. You could replace ALL the wires, though.
When the power wire leaves the 10A fuel pump fuse, it splits into two wires (both pink/black). One branch go to the fuel pump relay (which is located on the side of the left fender). From the relay, power (gray wire) goes to a prime wire connector, and to the fuel pump (gray wire). The other branch goes to the oil pressure switch. This switch is closed when oil pressure gets high enough, and it, then, powers the fuel pump(gray wire).
After oil pressure closes the switch, that power can power the fuel pump, and the engine computer can cut power through the fuel pump relay.
Yep. You need an electrician, with the wiring diagram.