Dodge Neon 1998

Fuel pump fuse blows

removing auto shutdown relay

and fuel pump runs and no fuse blow

leaving auto shutdown in and fuel pump

relay out and fuel pump fuse blows

looking at wire diagram and removing

green/orange injectors, noise suppressor,

oxygen sensors,coil pack & generator

The green/orange wire still tests grounded.

wire diagram shows 0.47 micro farad capacitor…

Is this part of the generator/alternator?

looking at wire diagram simply removing

green/orange from a liernaior does this

disconnect capacitor from wire

(green/orange) Could this be a shorted

too ground?

Is capacitor part of generator?

Are you calling fuse #21 (20 Amp) the fuel pump fuse?. I’ll assume so. You’ve pinned down a short to the dark green/orange wire from the ASD relay to all the components it powers. Have you, actually disconnected the dk grn/o wire from the alternator, both oxygen sensors, the fuel injectors, ignition coil, and the engine computer, and the circuit still shows grounded? If you have, and the fuse #21 still blows, then the short has to be in the wire, or the capacitor, to ground. The capacitor is a noise suppressor for spurious electronic noise for the entire circuit. It, normally, only acts as a ground for higher frequencies (static), It’s not impossible that it has grounded the dc power.