Fuel problem/serpentine belt

So i have a dodge stratus and at this point I’m having a couple issues that I’m not sure are related.

My major concern is that if i accelerate up a hill the car may stall out like its out of gas, and won’t start even on level ground for hours, but no later than sometime the next day it will start and run fine until it starts again…

Secondly my car is making a squealing or grinding noise in the engine which seems to be connected to the use of air so I’m thinking it might be a serpentine belt issue…but I’m not quite sure, can anybody help me?

The grinding/squealing serp belt could be a failing Air conditioning compressor. It could also be a seizing water pump. On my Ford years ago it was the A/C compressor failing and it stalled the car. I just disconnected it and did without air for the rest of the car’s life.

The person who can help you best is a qualified mechanic who will very quickly diagnose what the problem is.

The car stalling when you want to accelerate could be a fuel or air supply problem.

In any case get it diagnosed but budget a tidy amount if you have two major problems.

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