Car is making a loud noise when air or heat on and white smoke out of passenger side

I have a 2004 Dodge stratus recently it makes a really loud noise for like 15 seconds then stops if I have the heat or air on. If I don’t have it on it doesn’t make the sound but either way after 15 mins of driving white smoke will come out of the passenger side and a funny smell. It starts fine isnt overheating, and drives fine. I have an appt Monday but does anyone have an idea what it might be.

The sound will come and go when the air or heat is on I just got my oil changed, checked all the levels of coolant and other things and nothing seems to be leaking from the car.

My thought is a failing hvac fan.

I’m thinking a partially seized up A/C compressor or bad compressor clutch. I think something that is driven by the serpentine belt is seizing up and you’re seeing smoke from the belt burning. The belt won’t last very long in this situation, so get it checked out quick.

I agree with Oblivion’s theory, and want to add that the A/C drive belt undoubtedly also powers other components, such as the alternator and the power steering pump. While living w/o A/C for a few days should not be a problem, once that belt snaps and stops turning the alternator, the OP will not be going anywhere far before the battery fails and likely adds to the repair costs.

I strongly suggest that the OP NOT drive the car until Monday, lest he/she winds up stranded in an inconvenient location, at an inconvenient time.