Dodge Stratus stalling



I have a mysterious problem with my 1998 Dodge Stratus: it stalls after I have driven it 10 miles or so (and the engine has warmed up to running temperature). I have taken it to FOUR different mechanics (including a dealer’s shop) and although I have gotten new valve covers, a new distributor, a new fuel pump, and (most recently) a new crank positioning sensor, none of these “experts” can reproduce the stalling. Meanwhile, I cannot even make it to work without conking out. By the way, diagnostics have been run on the car and nothing shows up. Don’t know if this matters, but before all of this started, I took the car to the dealer to have the timing belt replaced. The dealer apparently did a crappy job–they left a vacuum hose off (so the check engine light came on) and the second mechanic I took the car to (another dealer) said that the timing belt wasn’t put on properly.

Please help!!


Once the timing belt has been replaced and timing is set correctly, you may want to take the vehicle to a reputable independent tech/shop for some intelligent trouble shooting.

You didn’t mention changing the fuel and air filters. Also have a fuel pressure test done on the system.

Another component that MAY be faulty and cause stalling is the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. At the time this is checked out, clean the throttle body (if this is a throttle body injection setup).