Squeel when I start car

I own a 2000 Honda Accord with about 110,000 miles. Most of the time when I first start it up for the first time of a given day, the engine will squeel. It does not do it later in the day when I start it up. What causes this?

Loose serpentine belt. When was the last time you replaced the belt that drives the alternator and AC compressor? If it is old, replace it. If it is new then have the tension checked because it is probably loose.

A bad belt tensioner is another possibility, if you want to diagnose it yourself ask, otherwise leaving it overnight at the repair shop of your choice will probably be necessary, so they can find and fix the ailing part. Bloody knukles any relationship to busted knuckels

Nope. I just get mine bloody. If you bust your knuckles you lack skills.

BS. Deal with a lot of over-torqued bolts and rust.

Figured that would make you respond. LOL

That is cold, especially since busted knuckles is an iconic member deserving the utmost respect on this board, welcome and thanks in advance for all the people you can help, but why do you care if BustedKnuckles responds?

First of all I have nothing but respect for BustedKnuckles as well as many other regular posters like MikeinNH and Transman. Second of all I was just kidding as I am sure BustedKnuckles realized. I give plenty of advice (no telling if it is any good) and nobody complains. I am always nice to people and have never had a post deleted. Please back off. If BustedKnuckles or any other poster has a complaint I am sure that THEY will post a response. Maybe I’ll just quit this board if people are going to be so touchy. Sheeesh!!!

It was the “BS. Deal with a lot of over-torqued bolts and rust.” that made me think you were a little offensive, and yes I accept that as another poster had a complaint. Your sense of humor may not be accepted as humor, as I read it, and if you are going to be touchy about me defending a great asset to this board and threaten to quit, wow, get me a kleenex.

Calm down, guys. Sometimes it’s best just to let it go…