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Squealing car

I own a 1999 Dodge Stratus with 170,000 miles. Recently, it has begun to make a short-lasting high-pitched squealing sound when I start it up in the morning and again sometimes when I accelerate. The car performance doesn’t seem to be affected. It just makes this brief sound. Anyone have suggestions on what it could be?

If the car has a serpentine belt, you probably need a new belt and possibly a belt tensioner. This isn’t a major repair. If the car has separate belts for the power steering, air conditioner, etc. one of these belts may be slipping and needs to be replaced. If it is the belt, it isn’t a serious problem, but it does need to be taken cre of.

I agree. If the belt has never been replaced, it is long past time to do it. The belt and tensioner together to make sure the problem goes away.